Spring is coming and with it, hope

Spring is in the air finally as the temperatures outside push close to 50 already. This weekend, it’s even going to be almost 60 which is wild since we had to leave water running in a couple of the sinks last week to prevent them from freezing overnight. I’m excited about the warm weather because it means that the snow and ice will melt, giving me access to the garden again which I didn’t manage to fully prep last fall. Ashe is understandably nervous though because it’s only February and this might be a false Spring with temperatures dropping just in time to make their oral surgery extra painful. We’ll just have to see, I guess.

Whether or not the weather holds, I’m determined to enjoy the warmth while it’s here. The house already feels so much better with light streaming in through the windows. Ashe seems to be feeling lighter too, between the new outfit that they got for themself and the weather today. Maybe I’ll go take a walk today and just soak in some sun before the end of the day.

Slowly satisfying my wanderlust

I spoke to my manager at Spreedly today about our plans for European expansion and what that looks like. While there still isn’t any real news, we did talk about potential options available to us and I brought up the idea of being able to spend 1-3 months in Europe to help set up a team in the EMEA region. This would give me enough time to get established and to get the team set up on the right foot but wouldn’t require Spreedly starting up a tax entity or forcing me to get a special visa for travel. It feels like a really nice compromise, especially if I can get good at finding inexpensive vacation rentals in inexpensive locations.

The more I think about this, the more I like the idea of spending nine months in a consistent location where I can build up a bit of a stable foundation or a homestead and three months in a foreign location of one form or another. It would allow me to travel at the pace that I would enjoy and would let me visit plenty of locations while still immersing myself in a particular culture. After all, if I’m spending a few months in Europe, it would be pretty easy to travel the continent by rail on the weekends to explore different areas while enjoying the local culture during the work week.

I really hope that I can make this work, either through Spreedly or on my own. I think that it would do a lot to satisfy my need to explore and to travel which I’ve been feeling especially keenly during the pandemic.

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