The Beginnings of a Fence

This is going to be a short post tonight because I’m tired and sore. However, I still wanted to keep my promise to myself to try and write at least a little bit every day.

When Ashe and I moved into this house back in April, one of our first priorities for the garden was to put up a fence to deter the deer from eating the food that we planted for ourselves. Ashe drew up plans and we bought a bunch of lumber while we had access to the box trailer belonging to Ashe’s parents. Unfortunately, as often happens, life got in the way and we had to reprioritize our focus a great deal and the fence got put way back on the back burner for the time being.

We were talking to our neighbor Kurt about our fence plans when he and Jan took us out on their boat. He said that he still had his auger attached to his tractor and would love to help us dig post holes for our fence before he took the auger off of his tractor.

It took us a bit of time to get together with everything that we all had going on over the last couple of weeks. However, I decided to take a couple of days off between my old job and my new job, so today lined up perfectly to have Kurt come over.

PXL 20220930 141453909 MP

The first thing that Kurt helped us to do was to help us to mostly level the side of the hill between the garden and the house since there was a bit of a ridge where we wanted to put the fence.

Once that was taken care of, Kurt and I took a break so that he could teach me how to use our log splitter since I hadn’t gotten a chance to use it yet. It took us a little time to figure out but when we did, we were able to turn a huge stump into a beautiful collection of future firewood.

PXL 20220930 150757513
PXL 20220930 151024297 MP

We then went back to the hill and Kurt used the bucket of the tractor to level out the area which he dug earlier.

Once Kurt finished that, it was time to start digging! Ashe marked out all of the areas that we needed to drill with yard flags so that Kurt and I could just line ourselves up to start drilling.

PXL 20220930 150905797

The auger was big and powerful but definitely needed help from a human hand to keep steady and straight. I did my best. 😅

PXL 20220930 151838678

I largely had to stop taking photos and video as soon as I started helping Kurt with the drill. However, we were able to get all three sides drilled fairly quickly, only getting stuck in a couple of holes with hard clay a few times. All in all, things went fairly smooth!

The next step is to start putting in the fence posts themselves. Ashe and I already have the posts but we need to grab some concrete powder to fill around the posts in the holes. We’ll probably try to do that this weekend so that we can see how the process goes before getting enough concrete powder to do the rest of the posts. After all, that concrete powder is heavy and my poor little car is a Ford Focus with almost no hauling power at all. Wish us luck!

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