Brainstorming Video Ideas for 2023

As I described in my post on my Personal Goals for 2023, one of the things that I’m going to try and accomplish this year is to create five videos of different types. I chose different types of videos to create because I thought it would stretch me further than if I nailed down a formula for a specific type of video and just repeated it. After all, what I’m aiming to improve the most is my tolerance for doing things that I don’t know how to do.

I figured that the first thing I needed to do to meet my first sub-goal of deciding and defining what I want to create is to brainstorm the different types of videos that I could work on. Here’s some of my ideas:

Minecraft Videos

  • ★ Checking out public servers – I’ve been checking out a couple of private servers to see if I can find a place to play with other people and to accommodate a friend of mine who only has the Bedrock version of the game. It could be neat to create a video showing off what I’ve found so far on OP Blocks
  • Shaders and Music – Minecraft is super beautiful using shaders and makes for a particularly beautiful video to set with some relaxing Lo-Fi music. I’d love to be able to show off small pieces of the world that I’ve created with Ashe and Scotty in a way that is more focused on vibing than storytelling.
  • Village Tour – On my private Minecolonies SMP server, I have created an NPC village full of colonists who do different jobs. However, there’s a lot of buildings and they can all look a bit similar, so I thought it could be a good idea to do a bit of a video tour of the village.
  • Structure Highlight – Ashe built some particularly cool structures on my private Minecolonies SMP server and I would love to show them off. I’ve also started playing around with a camera rig mod that would be exceptional to show off those structures using shaders if I can figure out how to use the rig a bit better.

Vlogging Style Videos

  • Day in the Life – A common vlog style is to just take a camera with you throughout your day to illustrate what you’re doing day-to-day. I don’t think that I’ve got anything particularly interesting going on but I’d love to figure out how to make it even somewhat interesting.
  • ★ Introduction for my channel – One of the things I struggle with most is talking about myself and my life. I find it hard to know what to talk about and what to share versus what to hold back. So I rarely do introductions of any sort, let alone video introductions where I have to watch myself.
  • Homestead website package – I have an idea for how to use WordPress and other free open-source software to help homesteaders build a website, sell classes, create a community space, organize their garden plan, and create an online store all on the same website. I’m still researching and not ready to put together a “skill-focused” video where I’m teaching someone something but I’d really like to put together a video that more clearly talks about my ideas.

Skill-focused Videos

  • Website building video – I’ve been wanting to do some website tutorial videos since that’s what I know the best. I’d love to show people how to set up a WordPress site when they don’t feel like they have many technical skills of their own. This can be a foundation for a tutorial series around the Homestead website package when I start building that out further.
  • Cooking video – I love to cook and I’ve experimented with cooking videos before but they never really turned out the way I wanted. I’d love to use Ashe’s more professional camera and lav-mic setup to film me trying out one of my family recipes for the first time.
  • ★ Garden plan video – I’d love to do a video that combines several types of filming to talk a bit about our long-term garden ideas. This would include on-site filming, drone footage, and footage that I illustrate over (maybe using Procreate’s illustration animation).

I’ve highlighted with a the ideas that seem the most promising to me at this time. However, if you’re reading this, I’d love to know your thoughts! What of this list are you most interested in seeing? Is there another type of video you’d be interested in seeing me produce? I appreciate any ideas that you have!

3 Replies to “Brainstorming Video Ideas for 2023”

  1. The ideas that jumped out at me (because they align with my own interests) and that I’d love to see from you are ★ Homestead website package and ★ Garden plan. I’d also be super interested in a Website building video series from you. I love watching how other people do things related to websites, or how other Happiness Engineers do support, because everyone approaches things differently, has different workflows, and uses different tools (or uses the same tools in different ways), so I always learn something.

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