A Visit to the Hospital (for Plants and People)

I’ve somewhat fallen out of the habit of writing recently. In addition to things getting busy at work and having difficulties having a writing habit in general, Ashe’s oral surgery date was this past Friday and I’ve been focused more on prepping for that and making sure that their recovery goes smoothly than I have on keeping up with other life things. However, the surgery went well and they have recovered better than we expected so far, so I’m back – or at least I’m going to try and be back more often.

Are we at a hospital or
Red Lobster…?

In addition to having to go to the people hospital, we had a couple of seedlings who didn’t seem to be doing super well. I texted a few photos to our friend Kayla over at Jackalope Wild, a local landscape business that focuses primarily on native and heirloom plants, and they said that it looks like they might be affected by a damping off fungus. After asking what to do, we ended up separating all of the seedlings that looked to be not doing great into a separate container as a sort of seedling hospital.

While those plants aren’t doing so hot, our other seedlings are starting to grow like crazy!

It’s actually starting to get a bit crowded in the flower and herb seedling tray, so I’ve been researching different options for thinning the seedlings out. Many people recommend just gently snipping the underperforming seedlings, but I’d really like to keep whatever seedlings I can, so I’m thinking about just gently taking out the extra seedlings and putting them into their own little seedling pots. If I do that though, it means that we’ll have to expand our growing area quite a bit as each of those pods with tomatoes in them have 2-4 seedlings each. I purchased a few more grow lights of the type we have currently since they work so well to expand out to the other side of our seedling station.

I want to write more, but I’m wiped from my day at work and I’m heading into therapy, so I’m going to call it quits here for today. Talk to you all soon!

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